Our environment has a profound influence on us and will either create upward or downward spirals for us, which is why one of the biggest challenges in recovery is entering back into an environment and lifestyle that caused our issues. It’s no surprise that people struggle with reintegration so relapse occurs far too often, causing a vicious feedback loop.

Your Community is the Key

Traditional transitional-housing facilities can help provide a supportive environment but their effectiveness is inconsistent and leaves a lot to be desired. At the Creators-Hub, we take an innovative approach to recovery and transitional-housing by helping people realize and actualize their true purpose for living, which is the key to effortless wellbeing.
The Creators-Hub is an nonprofit Institute and a budding network of fully-inclusive, highly-structured, co-living communities based around a holistic lifestyle for entrepreneurs, leaders and purpose-driven individuals. Our Institute’s programs center around Empowerment, Embodiment and Enlightenment, to help you live your greatest life possible.

Transcending Willpower

Once a person is able to discover their Ikigai, their real reason for living, they naturally desire and take on the healthy habits that allow them to continue to perform at their optimal level so they can be of greatest service in this world.
Willpower takes tremendous amounts of energy because it’s like a muscle that fatigues the more we use. This is why our programs focus on the art of living a holistic, disciplined and purposeful life where we feel in the divine flow.


Flow is the magical, transcendental state that allow us to channel life-force energy to create with Effortless-Action. We focus on teaching the scientifically-proven techniques that allow us to drop into our flow so anyone can access this state at will.
Researchers believe that flow is actually a type of super-happiness where all 6 of the brain chemicals are being released simultaneously, which no drug has ever been able to do without side-effects.
Once you’ve learned to consistently tap into flow and feel the divine bliss of being fully present, especially in group settings, its easy to abstain from unhealthy habits that interfere with this state.


Although our programs are strongly geared towards game-changing entrepreneurs and leaders, we also focus highly on Mastery, Craftsmanship and Creativity, so people without a desire to enter into business or politics have a place where they can find their flow, aka “their happy place”, perfecting their craft.
This combination of makers and shakers creates a beautiful synergy, just like the ones of the most successful startups, allowing the creators to focus and be deeply absorbed in the process without worrying about anything else.

Work-Trade and Learning Opportunities

We believe that everyone has immense potential and that your financial standing should not preclude you from being able to have the opportunity to self-actualize. We allow professional work-trade options for our members to participate in our community based businesses.
With our myriad of startups and our flagship holistic consulting wing, there are countless opportunities for people of all skill levels and interests to plug in. Our youth-programs provide apprenticeship and an immersive, real-world learning experience that no school can match.

Mentorship and Guidance

We are passionate about engaging our elders so that they can share their wisdom and feel a sense of purpose, which keeps their life-force pulsing. Everyone coming into our program is matched with at least one mentor that they meet with regularly and can call upon for guidance.
Our goal is to capture the wisdom provided by our mentors and distill it in such a way that it’s accessible to others through living-playbooks and knowledge-graphs. We believe that sharing what we learn is the best way to embed it deep in our own neural pathways.

Magnetic Vortex

We regularly host weekly and monthly events open to the greater community, such as potlucks, dances and ceremonies, which allow fresh energy to come into our community while maintaining our strong holistic container. This regional hub effect allows our members to interface with a large selective subset of the wider world without ever having to leave their community and risk temptations.
Annually we host a large scale consciousness raising festival to bring our wider international community together in one place. Our tightly held container along with the empowerment of the divine masculine and feminine energies creates an amazing opportunity to find your dream partner without having to resort to the typical pains of dating.

Fully-Inclusive Retreat Lifestyle

Just like willpower, our decision making abilities suffer from the same type of fatigue, which is why we aim to provide a high-standard, fully-inclusive lifestyle that allows our members the ability to never have to shop again. This unlocks a vast amount of time and energy, but it’s also the key to avoiding temptations which our stores and society are filled with.
Living at a Creators-Hub is akin to being on a holistic retreat with a daily schedule designed to energize us naturally through the day and lull us into a deep restful sleep at night. Our goal is to provide the perfect environment for you to operate at your highest capacity all the time.


Our vision is to create a vast network of Creators-Hubs in strategic locations throughout the world, allowing members to stay close to their families and to travel between them to learn from each other. We are just getting started so we need your help in spreading the word and fundraising so we can help the most amount of people bring out their unique gifts and talents to the world.

Connect with Us

If you resonate with our unique approach or know of someone who would, we would love to connect. The best way to reach out to connect, ask questions or start your application is through our Interest Form: