The Perfect Daily, Weekly and Monthly Flow to Surpass your Intentions

The Creators-Hub consistent daily, weekly and monthly rhythm provides our members with the foundation for achieving our personal versions of success, while living the life of our dreams. We adapt our base schedules to each culture and season to ensure it feels aligned.

Instead of focusing on goals, which rarely produce the truly desired outcomes, we emphasize the systems and consistent habits which allow us to easily achieve and surpass our intentions over time by stepping into a new version of ourselves.

We believe that you are always at will so there are no requirements to participate in any part of the schedule. You are always welcome to propose alternatives and experiments. The key here is group dynamics and accountability; the more people that are participating together, the greater the energy and more likely the consistency and results.

Stacking Functions and Efficient Flow

By combining multiple functions in our routines and ensuring the most efficient flow we are able to achieve a much higher level of wellbeing in way less time, so you’re not having to choose between productivity or only certain forms of wellbeing.

You’re much more likely to stick with hyper-efficient routines which produce the same results as significantly longer practices, especially when you’re used to stringing the practices together, like a quick power-yoga flow before your mediation.

Supercharging and Unwinding

We’ve designed a powerful daily rhythm based on the latest scientific evidence. Our morning routine is designed for supercharging us both mentally, physically and spiritually for taking on the demands of each day, which in turn sets us up for a deeply restorative nights sleep, especially after our evening unwinding routines.

The Power of Rest

We put so much emphasis on deep sleep and proper rest because it’s now widely understood that quality sleep is where the vast majority of our mind and body’s healing processes happen, so sleep is more important that diet and exercise combined.

We believe that life is a marathon, not a sprint, so we emphasize long-term viability and never sacrificing sleep or rest in order to work more hours, because it’s bound to backfire and cause more trouble then it’s worth. If you’ve ever suffered from adrenal-fatigue you know how much of a toll it takes on you.

Holistic Health Focus

Our recommended schedule is based around a holistic view of learning and work; with an understanding of circadian rhythm, ultradian cycles, decision-fatigue and cortisol regulation. While most of our members are on a venture creation journey, some are on more of a healing and personal-growth path where the work sessions are shortened or replaced entirely with healing modalities.

Ultradian Cycles

Ultradian cycles are our bodies built-in rhythm throughout the day and essentially mean that our minds need a proper rest period after 90-120 minutes of sustained effort, in order to catch up and clean out the debris that accumulates as a result of our brain power being expended.

Respecting these cycles goes far beyond improving our productivity and making better choices, all the way to preventing and healing neuro-degenerative and stress-based diseases. There is no amount of supplements or stimulants that can truly override the need for these breaks.

The length of an ultradian break varies greatly on what you choose to do, like meditation vs talking to someone. Over time, especially with meditation and yoga breaks, you will become sensitive to the rising tide of energy returning and naturally carrying you back into your next work stint.


One of the main goals with having such a consistent and holistic daily rhythm and fully-inclusive lifestyle is to address decision-fatigue which can have major consequences. Think of decisions as a type of muscle that is flexed every single time you make a choice, so over the course of a day it becomes strained.

This is why super-creative people will often eat and dress in the exact same way each day (remember Steve Job’s black turtle necks); they are saving their decision making power for things that really matter to them.

Cortisol Regulation

Cortisol plays a powerful and generally misunderstood role in our bodies. Although chronically high cortisol levels are deadly, acute cortisol spikes done properly are natural, necessary and extremely beneficial for several reasons.

A cortisol spike happens automatically every morning as our signal to wake up. By doing a bit of breathwork and high-intensity exercise first thing in the morning we spike our cortisol level even higher, but by doing meditation afterwards we actually bring baseline cortisol level down and train our bodies to respond to stress in a healthy way.

This early morning intentional spike of cortisol, ideally combined with watching the sunrise, is also the key to setting our circadian rhythm so that our bodies will be ready to fall asleep naturally in the evening.

We also acutely spike our cortisol with bursts of exercise after our work sessions and before our meal times in order to boost our knowledge retention and prepare our bodies for intaking calories.

Daily Flow Highlights

  • Waking up with the sun naturally and sun-gazing to supercharge our mind, body and spirit
  • Breathwork & Energization Exercises outdoors with bare-foot grounding in to the earth
  • Cold-Shower or Cold-Plunge
  • Meditation to calm our minds and feel into our bodies
  • Journaling to achieve clarity and clear emotions
  • Bulletproof Drinks and Fat-Bombs to fuel us and keep us in cyclic ketosis without bogging us down for the morning work session
  • Quick Morning Check-In Meeting to synergize
  • Morning Work Sessions
  • Pre-Lunch Power-Yoga Flow with Cold-Rinse to kick our metabolism into high-gear
  • Pre-Lunch Mini Meditation
  • Big Salad Bar Lunch with multiple protein choices for a potent yet lite feeling meal
  • Afternoon Work Session followed by Strength Training, Bike Ride or Run
  • Early-Dinner to take advantage of the power of Intermittent-Fasting
  • Evening Work Session for those feeling inspired or Personal-Time
  • Pre-Bedtime Winddown of Meditation, Yin-Yoga, Sauna, Self-Massage or Body-Rolling to release any tension that has built up in the body

Weekly Flow Highlights

  • Our weeks start on Sunday, which is the planning and prep day for taking on the week ahead
  • Sunday Evening Mastermind Circle to ensure that everyone has clarity and is emotionally ready for the coming week
  • Wednesdays are Extended-Excursion Days where we take a little extra time in the morning or afternoon for group outings in nature to reset and power-up for the rest of the week
  • Friday Evenings are for Dancing and shaking off the work week
  • Saturdays are Nature-Days with group hikes, run or bikes to our favorite spots

Monthly Flow Highlights

  • New Moon Ceremony with Releasing Stories & Setting Intentions
  • Full Moon Ceremony activating our primal power and pushing our edges
  • End of Month Gratitude Sharing to give thanks for all the people that have shown up in some capacity in our lives

The Goldilocks Flow

Each location has their own version of this flow that they have fine-tuned and evolved based on the member’s feedback. This creates the Goldilocks effect where you are sure to find a Creators-Hub which fits your unique way of flowing through your days in the most driven and blissful way.


Just imagine for a few moments how differently you would feel and how effectively you could operate if you were living in an environment with this kind of consistent schedule with all of your essentials for thriving being provided for so you can focus on your mission. If this lights you up, then we would love to connect with you to see where and when you could start your dream life at a Creators-Hub.