The Creators-Hub Master-the-Mind Invite

A twist on the typical mastermind group, specially geared towards Stoic Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating an impact in this world.

Powerful weekly meetings that are professionally facilitated and full of positive charge to re-energize you.

Accountability and support to help you stay on track in your professional and personal development.

Intimate feeling from a group of only 8 carefully chosen people.

Why Stoicism

Stoicism is based around Emotional Resilience and Contentment

  • Build a mindset to withstand setbacks and thrive in chaos
  • Using life’s challenges as opportunities for growth
  • We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we respond

Stoicism isn’t about eliminating emotions—it’s about understanding and harnessing them. It’s about achieving inner peace, clarity, and focus in the midst of chaos


Friday morning meetings at 8 am PST for 90 minutes.

Ongoing communications through Slack with dedicated channels.

Initial cohort starts on Nov 17th and runs for 6 weeks.

The second cohort starts on Jan 11th and runs for 8 weeks.

These starting dates are chosen based on alignment with the New Moon Phase.

Cost & Deposit

Initial cohort is free, but donations are welcome.

The second cohort has a requested donation.

We require a deposit of $100, which is returned at the completion as long as you haven’t missed more than one meeting.

This deposit is a way of ensuring commitment, so if you’re making over $100K, then consider putting down a larger deposit to ensure you aren’t tempted to let a smaller amount go.


Our weekly meetings consist of:

  • Promptly starting at 8 am
  • 5 minute meditation with synchronized breathing
  • A round of gratitude to shift our minds
  • 15 minute TED Talk style presentation about you and your endeavor
  • 15 minutes of live feedback and coaching from the group
  • 2 presentations and feedback sessions per meeting
  • Time is carefully allocated per each person
  • Ending with an short EFT/Tapping session to remove any limiting beliefs

Our intention is to hold a powerful Yang-style meeting container so it feels energizing and empowering.

The Commitment

For the duration of the cohort:

  • Show up every week and be fully present for the 90 minutes of the meeting.
  • Daily Meditation Practice of at least 15 minutes.
  • Daily Journaling of at least one page.
  • Read a Book a Month that inspires you or provides food for thought.
  • Radical-Responsibility – so when something goes wrong, admit what you could have done differently instead of blaming others or circumstances.
  • Single-Tasking so you’re fully present.


If you’re seriously interested, and are a co-founder of an active business, we invite you to take the next step and submit your application by sending an email to with:

  • What is your purpose/mission in life?
  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • Why do you feel called to this master-the-mind group?

If you’re approved, then you have a week to submit your deposit.

About the Facilitators

Dmitri Sunshine is a nonprofit tech entrepreneur and community-creator, whose mission in life is co-creating holistic communities designed to empower people to live as their highest version, mentally, physically and spiritually, while in harmony with nature.

Liliya Sunshine is a hypnotherapist and psychologist who is passionate about helping people reconnect to their true Self to live a life full of Love and Freedom. Liliya is an ecstatic dance and contact improv facilitator who has been living in Vilcabamba Ecuador for the last 12 years.