We believe that everyone has immense potential that’s just waiting to be unleashed for the actualization of their archetypal purpose but without the right environment and support frameworks most people end up just wishful thinking or needlessly struggling.


Our mission at the Creators-Hub is to empower people to realize their true nature and actualize their true potential through following the path of their archetypal purpose. The need for willpower fades away when we are on our path of self-actualization so we unfold into the highest versions of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually while being of service to something greater.


The core of the Creators-Hub is an Non-Profit Institute and Network focused on empowerment, embodiment and enlightenment for entrepreneurs, leaders and game changers. Our Co-Op wing operates a unique network of holistic, regenerative campuses as co-living communities centered around our Institutes programs. We specialize in multi-month fully-inclusive residency programs which establish the habits and mindset necessary to keep stepping into our highest potential and living continuously with purpose. We also offer week long and lunar-cycle retreats to allow high-impact and high-performance people to experience a taste of our unique container and practices at our campuses. Our programs specifically include a wide variety of disciplines, such as meditation, yoga, martial arts, dance, the art of speaking & listening, strength training, natural movement, wilderness survival and cold exposure, to help people realize their superhuman abilities and gain an extreme level of confidence grounded in a solid foundation.


Our Vision is a worldwide network of thousands of diverse Creators-Hub communities that create a vast web of connections, mastermind-groups and a support network to help each other through our greatest challenges, while birthing our visionary endeavors to address the most wicked problems of our time. We envision our network being large enough to sustain our own co-operatives for all the essentials for thriving, such as holistic health-care, schools and graceful aging centers.

Holistic and Fully-Inclusive Lifestyle

Most entrepreneurs and leaders end up sacrificing their wellbeing following their dreams, which leads to compromised health, which ultimately diminishes their abilities to continue on their paths. We’ve crafted a holistic and fully-inclusive lifestyle container which is regenerative to our minds, bodies and spirits. By providing all the groceries, supplements, prepared-meals, vehicle-sharing and even wardrobe, we free up our minds and clear the path ahead of us, allowing us to focus on what really matters. As powerful as our minds are, the best of us still suffer from decision fatigue, which is why the Creators-Hub is based around a Zen-style of simplifying our lives and supercharging spaces to open up our minds abilities to ease-fully focus and access flow states.

Embodiment & Vitality Focus

Our version of a regenerative community goes far beyond the basic foundation of permaculture, zero-waste and climate neutral initiatives, all the way to naturally healing the mind and body of diseases to thrive with vitality and clarity. A holistic approach to mental health is a major component of our programs, with the goal of transcending anxiety and depression. We focus on scientifically proven methods of a mindfulness, nutritious diet, smart movement practices, heart-coherence, highly-effective healing modalities and deep restorative sleep in order to hack our way to exquisite wellbeing. Our goal is to help people age backwards while living their dream lives. Embodiment practices aren’t just for feeling great on a day to day basis, they also serve to strengthen your intuition for greater guidance and tap into peak-states. When we learn to trust and act on our gut feelings, we feel the flow of life’s current carrying us downstream. Flow is the mystical state of being where our brains secrete all of our neurotransmitters, time slows down and we are no longer actively doing. The work is being done through us as a conduit. This is where magic happen and creativity unfurls. We now have the methods for reliably taping into flow states at any time.

Biohacking and Biofeedback

People can argue for days about which diet and exercise is the best, but now we have biofeedback devices and other objective testing methods of measuring the affects of what’s actually working for our minds and bodies. Science has been revealing ingenious ways of achieving measurable wellbeing in much less time and effort than we ever thought possible. Our goal is to help you step into new heights of wellness with ease by working smarter instead of harder.

Meditation, Intuition and Divine Inspiration

The enlightenment component of our program is based around contemplation, meditation and mindfulness, which allows you to tap into Source consciousness to receive ideas, inspiration and guidance. This is where all the greatest ideas that have transformed our world come from. Our mental bodies are extremely limited and tend to overthink and overcomplicate, which is why we focus on our where our real power lies; our subconscious minds.

Coaching, Mentoring and the Empowered Mindset

Coaching, both professionally and from peers, is one of the most helpful things we include in our programs because we need others to help us see our own blind spots and accountability for our commitments. Mentorship, especially from our elders, provides us with the gift of nuggets of wisdom earned over many decades of failure and success. Our goal is to help you step into the an empowered mindset where you feel confident, inspired and ready to take on bigger and bigger puzzles. When we consciously choose to take on big puzzles, which are called challenges by most people, we are making the rest of the situations in our lives easier because it provides us with greater perspective and a shift in mindset.

Co-Op Model

We’ve designed an ingenious co-op structure for our communities so our members and investors are also owners with dynamic governance rights, kind of like a DAO, but way more organized and without the speculation. We allow members to use their shares for living in our communities, earn shares for work-trade and earn dividends on their remaining shares. Our investor-class allows steady quarterly return in dividends while foregoing the voting rights.

The Institute

The Creators-Hub Institute, a 501c3 nonprofit, is our way of being able to offer the culmination of all the knowledge that we cultivate through our programs and endeavors at low or no cost to consumer. One of our main offerings is a set of courses and playbooks designed for regenerative game changers to increase their ripples of impact.

Regenerative Solutions Hub

We need all hands on deck with all cylinders firing for the tsunami of a meta-crisis that has been building up. This is why our programs are so comprehensive and focused on team dynamics and taking radical responsibility. There is so much knowledge and data that’s available to help us with creating solutions but its scattered, redundant and unreliable. We are building out our own knowledge-graph style repository with the help of some key allies in order to create a semantic web of knowledge and data that provides us with essentially a next-level regenerative version of Wikipedia based around a trust-network.

Alumni Trustful-Collaborative-Network

Everyone who successfully goes through our full multi-year program, including a residency stint, is welcomed into The Creators-Hub Trustful-Collaborative-Network full of other amazing individuals who have dedicated their lives to being of service to something greater then their egoic desires. Our network provides key connections, mentorship opportunities, outreach for help and the ability to indirectly trade time through our “current-sees” time-bank to begin to transcend fiat in relationships with members.

Youth-Programs and Rites of Passage

We are passionate about providing our youth opportunities to start their journeys into radical responsibility, including entrepreneurship and leadership, as early as possible. We provides special courses and camps for our youth to have a viable alternative to traditional education, where they are able to learn much quicker on the fly while launching their own ventures with mentorship from elders. Rites of Passage is one of the most fundamental initiations into adulthood and most of us never have the chance to go through one. Although they vary from culture to culture, we have chosen a technique derived from the First Nations of America, called a Vision-Quest where we go out into the wilderness with only water and minimal amount of gear to be by ourselves. Upon returning to society we are transformed and ready to step into new levels of responsibility with our driving purpose revealed.

Scholarships, Work-Trade and Equity-Exchange

We believe that everyone who has the willingness to take on such a challenging immersion as ours should be able to without the financial barrier, which is why we provide Scholarships, Work-Trade and Equity-Exchange. Our ecosystems of ventures within our network provides a myriad of opportunities for people of all sorts of talents to plugin and exchange. Our startup incubator equity-exchanges are the most popular route as they allow founders to trade equity for the costs of the residency programs, providing them the best runway possible and taking some of the pressure of startup-life.

The Power of Moonshots

Moonshots are when we 100x our trajectory with our ventures which forces us to think and act completely differently because that’s the only way to achieve such audacious goals. You can’t just increase the amount of time you work or effort because it’s finite and it’s unsustainable but you can try new unconventional tactics that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise. The beauty of Moonshots is that it doesn’t matter whether they succeed or not in the conventional sense because during the process you will have gained invaluable skills, abilities and insights that will help you in every part of life and whatever venture you choose to take on next.

Community-Living and Residency Programs

Living in Community provides the perfect immersion opportunities to practice the skills and accountability we need to grow into our highest version. The empowering effects from a supercharged seminar or retreat wear of within weeks and lets be frank, weekly zoom calls are no replacement for connecting with people in real life on daily basis. We believe that community living is the way of the future, partially out of necessity as the meta-crisis unfolds, so we are getting ahead of the curve by  fine tuning the recipes for resilient co-living containers for different cultures. Our goal is to provide such a beautifully organized fully-inclusive community living experience, it redefines how co-living can bring us more time, energy, safety and bliss then living alone.

Transcending Addiction & Transitional Housing

Our co-living community container is so holistic and structured that we believe its the perfect transitional housing for those bright souls who have been struggling with addiction which has been hindering them from living with a true excitement for life and creating from a sacred space. We only allow certain natural substances in a ceremonial setting to help us rewrite our past, see into the future and rewire our neural connections. So there are almost no temptations or addictive behaviors within the community. We host plenty of events that bring the greater community into our tight container so there is no need to go out for social interaction.

Investing in your Future

The best investment you can make is in yourself; your education, your empowerment and your embodiment. This is how you can be of greatest service to the world while living a life of freedom and purpose. The second best investment you can make is in the future generations. Paying it forward is not just morally rewarding, it’s also a law of reciprocity that you must give before you can truly receive. We believe that investing in regenerative community, like the Creators-Hub, is by far the best way to ensure that no matter what happens in the world, all your needs are provided for the rest of your life and that you are able to pass on from this life with dignity surrounded by people who love and appreciate you.

Next Steps

Can you see yourself at the Creators-Hub or do you know of someone who really needs this right now to guide them on their next steps? We would love to connect with you and we would really appreciate your help in spreading the word about what we are doing. This manifesto is written in present tense so all this is still in the creation stage with a lot of steps on this journey but we are excited to be well on our way!